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Compare Mighty and ÄRIS

Specification Comparison and Reviews

ÄRIS and Mighty are two strong competitors. These two vaporizers have been very popular amongst users and are strong portable vaporizers. Let’s break them down into sections and check out the differences.


Mighty is made from the German company Storz and Bickel, and it is very well known in the vaporizer market. On the other hand, ÄRIS is a newly developed portable vaporizer from the German company WOLKENKRAFT than only came on the market in early 2020. We are comparing these Mighty and ÄRIS because of the price difference and the capabilities of them.



Considering that ÄRIS is slightly smaller, its measurements are 5.2 x 2.5 x 8.4 cm, it doesn’t mean it lacks any features. Mighty measures 8 x 14 x 3 cm and it’s quite large because of its battery. The weight of these two also differs, Mighty as it is slightly large it weights 230 g, on the other hand, ÄRIS only weighs 130 g.



The temperature range on the Mighty is from 60 °C – 210 °C, while on ÄRIS it’s 160 °C – 221 °C. Event thou Mighty has a higher range it also takes much longer to heat up, around 60 seconds, for very high temperature even longer. While ÄRIS heats up in 25 – 30 seconds. Both of them have the range to correctly evaporate dry herbs, wax, and oils.



The chamber capacity of both of these vaporizers is 0.25 g. Also, both of them also offer steel pods for evaporating waxes and oils. 


ÄRIS and Mighty – HEATING

In this section, we think ÄRIS is revolutionary. ÄRIS is offering you the newest ECA technology heating system. This means that the airpath is completely visible through the device. When you take out the spiral strainer you can even look through the device. Consequently, this technology makes vaporization with ÄRIS easy and very enjoyable. The draw is almost completely eliminated and the herbs are only mixed with fresh air. Furthermore, the air goes through the steel spiral strainer making the air path longer and that means it cools it down to a perfect temperature. 


While Mighty has a hybrid type of heating. This means that it combines some features of conduction and some convection heating. Here the air is heated up in the conduction way, but the herbs are not in direct contact with the heating element. So, the herbs are heated up with the air, which is the convection part of the heating. This way the herbs heat up faster than with the full conduction type of heating.



Both of Mighty and ÄRIS offer great vapor. But because of the ECA technology, ÄRIS offers clear, fresh vapor that ends up in a perfect temperature for inhalation. Also, the draw is almost completely eliminated. Mighty also provides flavorful and clean vapor but the draw while inhaling is more noticeable. Still, good for an average user. 



Äris and Mighty are both from excellent German companies that don’t reserve themselves in the making of any device. So both of them are made out of high-quality materials. Mighty has a Ceramic chamber that can be difficult to clean after a while. While ÄRIS has a stainless steel chamber that heats up faster. Both of them offer steel pods for dry herbs and wax, so the cleaning of the chamber can be prolonged.


The body of ÄRIS is aluminum that makes it lightweight and has a very nice feeling to it. Also, it looks more high-quality made. While Mighty has a plastic body that can heat up after longer sessions.


Also, Mighty has a plastic mouthpiece that is lined with ceramic on the inside. This additionally cools down the vapor until it reaches your mouth. But ÄRIS has a full glass mouthpiece that can be easily taken out and cleaned. The mouthpiece goes straight from the chamber to your mouth. The company made sure that the vapor never comes in contact with any other material than glass and stainless steel.



Mighty has a built-in battery that makes the battery 5500  mAh capacity and it lasts for about 90 minutes. Furthermore, the charging time of it is around 120 minutes.


ÄRIS has a battery with 2300 mAh capacity, but because of the new ECA technology, it can last you quite a while. The battery charges up in about 100 minutes.


None of these vaporizers have a replaceable battery so it is crucial to have a long-lasting battery if you like to take the device with you to other places. Also, Mighty has the pass-through function, while ÄRIS does not. 



Both of these devices are very good regarding quality and vapor. In the end, it really depends on what you are looking for. Mighty has been on the market for a while and users have good experience with it, but it does have outdated technology and it is quite big.


While ÄRIS is smaller, it still packs a lot of features most especially the new ECA technology. We cannot emphasize enough how good this technology is in every way. The heating is faster the vapor is better, and the cleaning is much easier than in any device before. Even thou it has a smaller battery capacity the technology really does not use much of i. So, because of ECA, the battery life will last longer than with other devices with the same battery capacity.


Also, not to mention the price of ÄRIS is much more reachable than with Mighty. ÄRIS is starting at a price of 160 €, while Mighty starts at around 348 €, which is quite the difference. 


So in this comparison, we are leaning more to the ÄRIS.



ÄRIS is offering 1 year of warranty, while Mighty has a 2-year warranty.

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