Difference between Combustion, Conduction, Convection

Pros and cons of different types of heating

In this article, you will get to know the difference between convection, conduction, combustion types of heating and why is one better than the other.


The combustion type heats up the materials directly on the heating element, such as heating coils. This type burns the material and provides smoke, that is not healthy and has a different taste to it. It heats up to around 235°C. Because the material is directly on the heating element they usually combust. With this, all the positive elements get lost. In this case, the material usually comes out burnt in a dark color.

But because this type of heating is easier to make it’s also cheaper. And people buy it because of that. But we guarantee you this isn’t the healthiest way to vape.


Conduction is a healthier way to evaporate material. The chamber here is designed differently. It makes the materials heat up equally. The temperatures go from 160 °C to 225 °C, which makes the materials heat up slower. This means it heats up more evenly and it doesn’t get burnt. Consequently, evaporating all the positive properties of the herbs and waxes. The material comes out nicely heated up, not burned, a pleasant golden color.

The materials used for the chambers are usually ceramic, quartz and metal. These materials are better but a bit harder to make chambers of. That’s why the price also increases a bit. But in our opinion, the price is worth it.


The best way to evaporate materials is the conduction way. And that’s why we always try to make sure that you know that the vaporizer you are buying has this type of heating.

In this way, you place the material in the chamber that is not directly on the heating element. In this case, the heating element is usually below the material but it is not heating it up, but it is heating the air that passes through. That means that fresh air passes through the heating element and then through the herbs/wax. In this way, the material doesn’t get burnt and it only gets mixed with fresh air. The vapor is flavorful and full of positive properties from the material. In this case, the herbs also come out with a golden color.

Because the technology is so good and requires more time, material and more complicated parts, the vaporizers can go up to the higher range in price. But they are worth it. Not only that it is a lot healthier but these vaporizers usually last longer. That means that you won’t need to change and buy a new vape every year, but that will last you a long time. There are some very good brands on the market offering convection vaporizers.

We always recommend convection type of vaporizers. Because they heat the herbs nicely and evenly, giving you perfect vapor without bad smell or taste. This is the best way to evaporate materials.

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