Volcano Hybrid
Storz & Bickel
  • 1800 g
  • 30 - 60 sec heat up
volcano hybrid desktop vaporizer
Deal Score+5
Deal Score+7
Extreme Q
  • 442 g
  • 2 min heat up
Volcano Hybrid vs. Extreme QSpecifications
1800 g
442 g
Heat-up Time
30 - 60 sec
2 minutes
Chamber Material
Stainless Steel
Case Material
Premium Steel

Compare Volcano Hybrid with Extreme Q

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The reason we are comparing the Arizer Extreme Q and Volcano Hybrid is that finally Storz and Bickel made a desktop vaporizer that also offers the option to use it with a tube or balloon. And even thou these two desktop vaporizers are in a very different price range they have many similarities and each has its pros and cons. So let’s start.


Arizer Extreme Q is made by a Canadian company Arizer and for being very well-made and giving us versatile use and flavourful vapor it is quite cheap. While the Volcano Hybrid is made by Storz and Bickel a German company with many years of experience. Volcano Hybrid is also very good and gives us the possibility of using it with a tube or balloon, and like the Extreme Q, and in the meantime providing us with a flavourful vapor.


Volcano hybrid is made out of metal and it weighs about 1800 g altogether, but because of this, it makes the device sturdy and not easy to overturn it. While the Extreme Q is made out of black plastic, and it weighs about 440g which is quite a difference. The mouthpiece to the tube and balloon adapter also differs from one another. The Extreme Q offers a glass mouthpiece, while the Volcano Hybrid offers a plastic one. But the Volcano Hybrid offers a special mouthpiece for the balloon. It doesn’t let the vapor get out unless you push the mouthpiece in.


The temperature range on the Extreme Q is a bit higher than on the Volcano Hybrid. On the Extreme Q, it ranges from 50 °C – 260 °C, while on the Volcano hybrid it is from 40 °C – 230 °C, but both of these will evaporate herbs, concentrates and waxes easily, it just depends on your preference on the temperature. The heat-up time with the Volcano Hybrid is around 60 seconds and with the Extreme Q it is about 2 minutes. This doesn’t mean that the herbs are heated up enough for you to get proper vapor, but it means that the devices heat up to your chosen temperature.


The chamber capacity of the Extreme Q is 0.5 g and the Volcano Hybrid has 0.75 g. This may not be much of a difference, but maybe if you’re not using it by yourself but with multiple friends, the Volcano Hybrid will last you a bit longer here.


Both of these devices offer flavorful vapor. But while the Extreme Q doesn’t quite give that dense vapor that some people search for the Volcano Hybrid gives out a bit denser vapor. But if are not searching for that but a quality, flavorful vapor, then both of these devices will do the job.


Both of the devices are from prestigious companies and great materials. But the casing of the Hybrid is out of metal and it makes it sturdy and even if you somehow manage to overturn it, the damages will be minimal to none. Not to mention, it makes it look sleek and clean. The mouthpieces could be made out of glass, but their special balloon mouthpiece makes up for that. The heating chamber is made out of stainless steel so that makes it easy to clean and durable, made for years of usage. You adjust all the settings on the new touch screen, and you can connect the device to an app and adjust the settings there.

The Extreme Q has a black plastic casing, which makes the device look sleek and elegant and also lighter. But that also means it easier to overturn it and when that happens the damages sometimes can be seen. The mouthpieces are made of glass and the heating chamber is made out of ceramic. You adjust the settings on the LED screen with the 4 buttons it has on the side or with remote control. It also has a cool LED light on the bottom of the device for a futuristic look.


Even thou we are comparing the Extreme Q that was first released in early 2010 and the Volcano Hybrid that was released mid-2019, these two have quite the similarities. If you are searching for a decent desktop vaporizer for a decent price go for the Arizer. But take into consideration that it came out a long time ago it has some older technology in it that can cause some problems sometimes and the plastic exterior doesn’t convince us.

But if you are searching for a device to invest in for a very long time go for the Volcano Hybrid. It is a device that you will probably have to save up for and it won’t be a last-minute buy, but it will last you a long time no matter how you use it. With the modernization of the screen and the Bluetooth connection, it makes sense that it’s a bit pricier. But most of all it is German quality that many people praise.


With the Aizer Extreme Q, there is a 3-year warranty, but that does not apply to the glass mouthpieces, but in the meantime, they offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty for the heating element. The Volcano Hybrid also offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty, restricted to normal use.

However you will decide, you won’t make a mistake with these two devices.
We hope we helped you out somehow with this article.

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